Production and distribution of Gas and BioGas in Europe

Supply from European methane terminals or from our own gas or biomethane wells.

We multiply the sources of supply to ensure your energy independence.

Edge Energy, your gas operatorge

Galileo Global Technologies

Our partner Galileo is a leading group for 35 years in the design and manufacture of equipment for the gas industry.
Galileo is present in more than 70 countries.


Blue Water Energy holds equity stakes in numerous energy companies.

With more than $2.5 billion in assets, Blue Water Energy is committed to supporting energy transforming companies, including Galileo Technologies.

The team at your service

From LNG terminals and natural gas or biomethane production centers, we offer you turnkey solutions to ensure your energy independence and allow you to save money.

Emilio Joulia

General Manager

Erwan Payen

Sales Director

Edge Energy,
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Nous fournissons du gaz aux industries

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