LNG station
Private or public

Patagonia, the new station for the distribution of LNG and Bio-LNG. Modular: possibility of mixed LNG modules

Our LNG services are aimed at transport companies or companies with fleets of trucks. Our objective is to offer a clean, non-polluting and economical fuel.

We support you in your energy transition to an environmentally friendly alternative.

Compact station,

It has been designed to optimize reliability and offer you maximum availability.

Quick loading

The refueling of a truck is effective in 5 minutes. This guarantees a total autonomy of your fleet.

Competitive prices

We guarantee very competitive LNG fuel prices.

CNG Station

Edge Energy, your CNG and Bio-CNG operator. Possibility of CNG from LNG if you do not have a connection to the network.

Nanobox, CNG station for commercial and light vehicles. Plug&play, Nanobox integrates compression, storage and distribution in the same unit.

Microbox, public or private CNG station for NGV fleets. Small footprint, operational in a few days. Fast charging, up to 1000L of internal storage.


More than 3600 CNG stations in 70 countries.


Compact, plug&play and fast charging stations

Competitive pricing

Our solutions allow you to access CNG at very competitive rates


Accessing LNG has never been easier or more economical.

Safe, compact and plug&play installations.
They are designed to optimize sites’ security and equipped with the most advanced technologies for measurement, control and monitoring.
Simple and efficient solutions thanks to our technological innovations, from turnkey installation to maintenance and operation, we guarantee an optimal quality of service.

Safe, compact and Plug&Play

Without power loss

LNG Delivery

Tailored to your needs.

Competitive pricing

Our solutions allow you to access LNG at very competitive rates.

Network gas

As a network gas operator, we provide you with the fuel for a sustainable mobility.

Edge Energy, your NGV partner, will accompany you throughout your project.
Get access to a clean and economical fuel.
For your trucks, vans, buses and garbage trucks, NGV is the adapted fuel to city centers.

Economical fuel

Take advantage of our full service offers

Reliability of our NCV stations

A secure gas supply

Customized solutions

for natural gas refueling

Maritime & inland waterway LNG

Truck to ship or network gas liquefaction for LNG supply to ships.

Cryobox technology makes Buquebus the first shipping company in the world to adopt LNG as a fuel.
We are proud to participate in the energy transition for maritime transport.

The experience

We supply the ship Francisco with LNG on a daily basis.

The innovation

Liquefaction solutions directly in the ports


An optimal valorization of your biogas in bio-fuel or in injection.

Our compressor sets and liquefaction stations are adaptable to all your needs and production capacities.
Thanks to our plug&play technologies, the adaptability of our units and the simplicity of implementation, we can handle all raw biogas capacities.
Our innovations for your solutions.


Investing alongside and bringing your projects to life.


Innovate to produce, purify, liquefy and distribute.


Buy your Biomethane at the best price.