Accessing CNG and LNG has never been easier or more economical

Edge Energy Europe, brings you a turnkey solution for all your Natural Gas projects.
The idea is simple, to make LNG, the tool of the energy transition in Europe.

For all your fuel gas, LNG or CNG projects, Edge Energy offers you turnkey solutions.
Our reliability and guaranteed supply make an undeniable difference. For industrial companies not connected to the network, our LNG offer will seduce you both technically and economically.

Safe & compact, plug and play installations

NGV, LNG, CNG gas fuels Private or public

Our Gas offers

Industrials, LNG for industrials not connected to the network

BioGas production, liquefaction and distribution

Competitively priced gas ou Gas at a competitive price

Safe & compact and plug&play installations

Innovative Technologies

Gas 3.0

Our services

Maintenance & operation

24/7 Assistance

We produce LNG on a medium scale

We power South America's largest passenger ship with LNG

We supply gas to industries

We produce LNG distributed energy